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Enjoy One for All Modeling Services with Model Agency

Model Agency is one of the few genuinely established, Hong Kong based commercial modeling agencies in china. For an aspiring model to be successful, defining his/her career goal is important just as working hard towards that goal. To do that, selecting a modeling agency that is trustworthy is very important. A model should go through the steps from confirming the registration fees to taking feedback from peers before choosing any model agency. Never work with an agency that does not have a good reputation in the fashion market. Be sure that only a good and trustworthy modeling agency can get you the best break.
Our features:- We offer a variety of professional models, actors and talent. With our continued industry vision we see the opportunities for new, exciting talent and strive to develop tomorrow’s models and artists.We are known for having to present the best talents and nurturing of every individual represented. Established in 2001 and immediately made a name by developing the p…

Can I be a Model?

Modeling dreams most young women in a certain lifetime, but only a few find the courage to follow their dream. However, this dream is far from as incomprehensible as it may seem, and the truth is that the opportunity is offered to anyone who is not ashamed of its beauty. Human grace is something irreplaceable, and therefore there is never a demand for faces that can underline the uniqueness of any moment.
The world of modeling is still evolving, and long ago, not only parameters such as height, weight, or measure are being monitored. If you are something special, radiate charisma and be able to take a look at your surroundings, perhaps you are the face that offers the current market. What does the modeling work mean?
Classical modeling is not only walking on the pier, but it also includes photo modeling, or filming commercials, or photographing clothes and cosmetics for various fashion catalogs or magazines. It is a very diverse job that requires good pose, gentle walking and elegant mov…

Model Factory Has Quickly Established a Position among Renowned Modeling

Modeling Agency Model Factory Company Hong Kong was founded in 2001. We represent the winners and finalists of the Miss Hong Kong- among our most famous faces are the leading Hong Kong models that represent the Hong Kong abroad, such as Hong Kong and many others.
Model Factory Company has quickly established a position among renowned modeling agencies and offers the strengths of a strong company. Our priority is professional collaboration with both clients and models, models and new faces. We each have an individual approach, we place great emphasis on quality care and versatile satisfaction. We represent girls and boys from 15 years of age, as well as very experienced models and models.
The main pillars of our work include career development, both professional models / models and new faces. That is why we are looking for new talents that we want to help in modeling, shooting and other lucrative job engagements.
We work with leading photographers, make-up artists and stylists. We spe…

A modeling factory represents fashion models to work for the fashion industry.

We are providing modeling agency is a company that is presents to fashion models and specially work for fashion industry but in this scenario model factory is represent a diverse and known well-chosen portfolio of the leading modeling talent. Model factory is market leaders and our unwieldy reputation spend abundant resources on modeling acquisition for nurture them to become one of a kind. We are a Model and talent model Management Agency and working with International and Hong Kong models.

modeling agency is a company that represents fashion models to work for fashion industry. When our clients explain their certain vision about their fashion it always aim to deliver high quality of service. We have set of experienced staff at our client’s deposition all the time and assist or identify right kinds of the model for any project, whether it be product promotion, fittings, editorials, television commercials and advertisement.
We have an available models especially from Hong Kong region …

Modelfactory the prime choice modeling agency

Modelfactory Model Agency focused on bringing high caliber outside models at sensible costs in the Hong Kong market. Every year the demand for interest for outside models within increments. Be that as it may, because of the absence of choices inside the market, and in this way the stranglehold on costs, numerous organizations discover it progressively hard to discover models for their requirements.
We are here to bring fantastic modeling services at sensible costs. We are a part of an organization that spends significant time in that capacity we cannot just discover models living in Hong Kong for your requirements at sensible costs, however we are likewise ready to help during the whole process of modeling In order to minimize the misunderstanding.
Moreover we have broad techniques to ensure every one of our models are of a high caliber with every legitimate visa and allows expected to work anywhere. We work hard on the modeling platform in order to give the quality service to suit the…

Modelfactory the Role Model Agency

The need of a decent Model agency is expanding constantly and even the most settled fashion models require a decent demonstrating office to represent them. The reason being, employment of a decent modeling organization is to scout for up and coming ability, get them work and visibility and guarantee the picture of their image increments continuously.
Modelfactory is Hong Kong Premiere Talent office, staffed by a group of friendly and committed experts. Our management gives selective and superb models, Hair and Makeup craftsman, Stylist to Photographers, Advertisers, Designers, Film, TV and Ad creation organizations in Hong Kong. It’s a one stop organization where you can discover male, female and kids talent for all your business and publication needs. We are hoping to give a new look to Hong Kong fashion, publicizing and film industry and continually hoping to get new talent to Hong Kong perpetually.
We appreciate best of the relations with our customers. We are an expansive based off…
We at Model Factory know there’s a lack of diversification of models and talents in the industry and our aim is to fill in these loop holes by representing models of all ethnicities. We believe in delivering excellence, integrity and accountability across our workplace as this as our sustainability model for over 17 years in the industry. With having served a wide range of well known clients in all facets of the industry, the brand is enhancing itself from these professional opportunities.
Our focus is to empower the talents we represent so that their voices can be heard. We have elite industry experts in different mediums to help and guide these talented models through an approach to inspire, educate and nurture their roads to a successful career. This has led us to make a community which is a safe haven for these young talents, where we can help them with our support to be their true selves for creating their own identity.
Model Factory is a Model agency in Hong Kong which is entire…

The Colossal Modeling Agency

Model Factory is a multifaceted modeling agency with having presence in both national and international bases to discover new talents, prepare them and put them in the world of fashion. We value quality services which makes us stand out among the others as we seek professionalism and accomplishment of objectives as the main focus for our clients.
Speaking of professional opportunities for upcoming models, a striking feature of Model Factory is that we seek professional guidance from within the market. We are concerned with the guidance of our models and especially take care of not exploiting their potential. We have an expert panel who can realize one's x factor and can ensure that each potential candidate contributes in a significant and unique way to our aesthetic. This boutique styled approach has led us to make a personalized atmosphere when developing these upcoming models, allowing us to give some extra advising they need to prepare them for this highly competitive industry.…

We Are the Supreme Modelling Agency in the Industry

With our diversity in knowledge we are building and providing a platform for modelling talents in these evolving times of the industry. Discovering significant in the modelling and talent area, Model Factory is growing in notoriety in its 17th year since inception. Forming the pillar of success with our team of hard working professionals, we thrive on the objectives of nurturing, career management and forging relationships with our models and our clients.
We know breaking into the modelling world isn’t an easy task but with our right advice and direction it can change the course of your success. The Model Factory provides services which are designed to help aspiring models identify which are best suited for them, and how to approach these opportunities, and how to equip with the right portfolio. Our approach for the models is to determine that they have right kind of attitude for the work they are into and are eager to perfect their craft.
We provide our models work in campaigns exhibit…


The Model Factory is delineated to empower young models and build their confidence in this modeling industry. Today there's a lack of diverse representation of models and to fill in these gaps our objective is to represent models of various ethnicities and ages. We believe in delivering excellence and professionalism across the workplace to positively impact our working environment and to the industry out there.
We offer a highly personalized approach to develop and manage talent i.e. each and every models in our deposition is carefully selected by a team of our pundits, who ensure that each one contributes in a significant and a unique way to our aesthetic. This expert panel who are the part of this group helps us realize new current market trends and public opinions to modify our initial strategy as they have an inbound knowledge of this industry. To set ourselves apart from our peers we even foster a meaningful relationship with our handpicked talents.
Our Performa is to proac…

We Are a Nonpareil in Modeling Industry

Model Factory is a distinct model management agency with footprints across Greater China and North East Asia. We have successfully established ourselves in the industry for more than a decade with coterie the elements of loyalty, authenticity and discipline. Our widely eminence allows us to spend copious resources of ours on talent acquisition and in house nurturing.
Since we are amongst the market leaders of the industry we get numerous entrants who want to join our prestige of starting their traditional modeling career. So our recruitment process is only initiated when the aspiring models get's a sense of proper preparation and knowledge in our training period. The various pundits who are part of this group gives us an inbound knowledge of the industry and help us realize current market trends and public opinions.
Model Factory's Model agency Performa is to proactively share professionalism with the clients to help them facilitate our best suitable models for any kind of the…

The Distinct Modeling Agency

As a young and dynamic model agency in nature, we at Model Factory stand for reliability, personal commitment and good communication. Our reliable gut feeling, coupled with a lot of industry in and out ensures successful results for our clients.
We have an unwieldy reputation of spending abundant resources on talent acquisition and in house nurturing to embark new models towards a fascinating journey into the fashion world. It is important for us to give attention more particularly to training because it gives a chance of preparation and inside knowledge for models before facing any casting. Then we initiate our selection process where various models become a part of Model Factory solely based on their potential. Our group also consists of various industry experts to reckon one's merits and also help in overturning the demerits as well.
Proactively sharing professionalism with our clients in facilitating them to select our best suit models for their campaigns is an objective of t…


Modelfactory is an international model management agency with footprints across Greater China and North East Asia. We are the market leaders and with our unwieldy reputation, we spend abundant resources on talent acquisition and in house nurturing to embark them on the fascinating journey in the world of fashion.
Particular attention to detail is given on the training because it is essential to have a proper preparation and knowledge before facing any casting as all of this in short portrays on "how to become a model". Our further selection process is initiated, where models only become a part of this group solely based on their potential and we have experts who know how to enhance one's merits and how to overturn the defects.
We as a Model agency proactively share professionalism with our clients as we want to facilitate their campaigns with selecting our best suitable models. Be it exhibitions, product promotions, fittings, television commercials or advertisements, we …


We at Models Factory work as an extensive profile Model agency. Though we are a young and dynamic company in nature but we have years of experience in this industry to deal in fashion and commercial modeling. In our guidance models go through extensive training courses to become a face of our client's campaign.
We are the current market leaders and we have a reputation of talent acquisition whether it may abundantly use our resources. This is why we represent a number of models from different regions and ethnicity which are upcoming talents in this industry.
Model Factory works as a modeling agency where we proactively share professionalism with our clients to facilitate them in selecting the best suit models for all ranges of campaigns, exhibitions, product promotions, fittings, television commercial and advertisements. Performing with professionalism and reliability, we only take pride based on the results we deliver. Our involvement in various campaigns has gave us an in-depth …

Model Factory: The Agency that Personifies this Industry



A modeling agency is a company that presents fashion models, to work for the fashion industry. But in this scenario model factory represents a diverse and a well-chosen portfolio of the leading modeling talent. We are the market leaders, and with our unwieldy reputation we spend abundant resources on modeling acquisition and nurture them to become one of a kind.
When our clients explain their certain vision about their fashion campaigns, we at Modelfactory always aim to deliver highest quality of service. We have a set of experienced staff at our clients deposition all the time, to assist and identify the right kind of the model for any project, whether it be product promotion, fittings, editorials, television commercials and advertisement.
We have models especially from countries like Japan, Korea and Caucasian region but we also have a number of foreign models under our portfolio as well. We can organize casting at your place or at our Model agency as it will be a starting point of…